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One of the most asked question I receive is “Can you recommend good books and movies about the grieving process for my needs?”

While I usually tell them about my own book “Understanding Your Grieving Heart After a Loved One’s Death” as a first choice to learn the basics, what I know they are truly asking for is something that uniquely fits their situation.

If you go on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and type in “grief” or “grieving”, your search will raise thousands of books. And you’ll quickly see you can’t tell fiction from non-fiction without reading each description which takes hours online. Then you wonder how you would know what’s good and what isn’t.

Ah…so that’s my job.

Below is my store of my favorite books categorized by Grieving Adults, Teens and Children and then by the relationship each shared with the person who has died or was killed or the type of death they endured. I’ve also included movies which deal with the grieving process.

Whew…what a job, but I know it’s what you need to know. You’ll find something fast and exactly what you’ve been looking for.

So go visit by CLICKING HERE!


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